Saturday, May 8, 2010

Best Smartphones Available For Sale

A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality (PC-mobile handset convergence). There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone. Here are the list of best smartphones available for sale in market.

Real Future Design

This stage suit will be perfect for night clubs and people who like dancing. It’s made of nylon fabric and has 200 laser diodes that can turn anybody into a shining “butterfly”. It looks like real future design is already here.

Sleeping in a Hamburger

This fluffy hamburger is actually a cheeseburger (notice the cheesy matress). It has all the right ingredients, including, pickles, letuce and sliced tomatoes, all it needs is a little ketchup. Actually a lot of ketchup, but who cares, the Hamburger Bed looks good enough to eat any way you look at it.

Big Ears Are Quite Useful!

People with big ears are sometimes mocked of, but don’t underestimate the importance of this protuberance on your head, it’s not only useful for hearing, it can have other purposes and even save your life…

Bonifacio Fortress Beats The Beauty - Corsica France

Bonifacio hangs onto the southwest tip of Corsica, an isolated and captivating port that beats every other Corsican town into a dull pulp. Split into two parts, the haute ville is a short though steep walk up from the ville basse, but worth it as inside the walls is the place to eat, drink and be merry. Ville basse restaurants take advantage of visitor sloth to over-price and under-provide but a five minute hike elevates you to a different world.

2000-year-old computer recreated

World Without Humans

The world's biggest motorcycle

Gorgeous Meera Chopra latest photos

Meera Chopra is well known South Indain Actress better known as 'Nila'. She is currently woking on a Tollywood film 'Maaro'.

Gorgeous Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt (born February 21, 1979) is an American actress and singer-songwriter.

Erika Christensen at the Mercy premiere in Hollywood

Anushka Sharma latest cute photoshoot

Anushka Sharma is a model and actress in the Bollywood film industry. Here is the latest photoshoot of Anushka Sharma.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amazing World of Drawings and Photos

Add some pencil drawings to your favorite photos and you will create a world of fantasy. Such “yummy” and creative pictures can easily become a new art form ;)

Incredible Africa Photos

You can’t miss such amazing photos of wild Africa! They are so incredible and beautiful, I am afraid I can look at them for eternity. Every photo is ideal for a post card or a poster.

Incredible 3D Images

Derawar Fort - The Property of Royal Family

Derawar Fort an historic place of Pakistan. Located about 80 km from the city of Bahawalpur in Punjab province in Pakistan. Derawar Fort is a large square fortress.The forty bastions of Delawar are visible for many miles in Cholistan Desert. The walls have a circumference of 1500 meters and stand up to thirty meters high.

Amazing Moments Caught On Film

Sania Mirza in saree at her Reception

Sania Mirza recently got married to Shoaib Malik. Her reception was held at Pakistan. Take a look at her gorgeous photos in saree at the event.

Fastest camera in the world

just for laughs waterpark

Woman Parking A Smart - Very Smart

Megan Fox In The Jonah Hex Trailer

Helena Mattsson at Hollywood premiere of Iron Man 2

Katrina Kaif Photoshoot for Latest Lux Campaign

Katrina Kaif Photoshoot for Latest Lux Campaign. Katrina Kaif looks fantastic in this red suit. This is a latest campaign by Lux for Pakistan. Recently Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan named Hottest Couple of the decade out scoring Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan’s relation more like hoax then reality, katrina not ready to accept it and salman had no choice then wait. Anyway checkout Katrina Kaif Photoshoot.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Aishwarya Rai at Raavan Music Launch

Aishwarya Rai Sizzles at Raavan Music Launch. Bollywood Queen is back to the race of no.1 actress of bollywood at present. This Year Aishwarya Rai has at least 4 films lined up to hit the silver screen. Raavan is one of them in which she will be seen starring with Abhishek Bachchan and South Superstar Vikram. Raavan is directed by Mani Ratnam and Music is given by Oscar Winner A R Rehman. Raavan Audio is launched by Aishwarya. Aishwarya who arrived at the event wearing transparent saree , possibly become the latest victim of wardrobe malfunction. If images floating on the net are believed then its confirmed the wardrobe malfunction did take place at the event. Check out Aishwarya Rai Raavan Music Launch Pictures.

Sony Ericcson C905

The C905 is a part of Cyber – shot, Snapshot mobile phones. It was released on 22 October 2008. It is the firs phone with 8,1 Mpix camera. It is the most equipped phone of Sony Ericcson. It is very similar with K800 and K810 but C905 is a slider. Design is conservative with simply and cyclical form. Weight is big because it has lot´s of accesories. Plastic material is very quiet and there are any fingerprints. Sliding is with spring. Left and right wall are absolutely straight so you can put phone on the walls without apprehesion of falling down. On the left there are only fast sport and memory stick card conector. On the right wall there are situated camera starter, voice regulation, entry to gallery and mode photo/video. On the back side there are camera and logo. On the down you can find speaker.

What Can Be Hidden in This Car Bumper?

Well, that could be a lot of things, but I give you a hint: it’s cute ;)
This four-week-old kitten spent two hours stuck in a police highway patrol car bumper!Here's the story: the police officer driving the car suddenly braked to avoid hitting a cat that ran in front of the car. As he assumed the cat had run away, he continued driving to his destination during 2 hours. When he stopped the car, he heard purring coming from the engine so he took the car to a mechanic who found a cute little black kitty that was later nicknamed Cartwright.Hope they will find the cat's owner soon...

Magical Examples Of Levitation Photography

Levitation tricks are of the most favorite and awesome magic tricks in our life today. Many are still marveled by the levitation tricks and many always will be. This post features some incredible examples of levitation photography, hope will like our effort!

Spicy Chicken Pasta Recipe


1/2 pound salad pasta (I use rotini)
•2 tbsp. oil (I use Olive)
•1 lb. chicken breast, cut into thin strips
•1 large onion cut into thin wedges
•3 cups broccoli florets
•3 tbsp. soy sauce (I use low-sodium and add much more liberally)
•1 tbsp. Sriracha (red chili sauce, found in asian section of supermarket. I use more than 1 tbsp. but start there, as this stuff is wicked hot.)
•3 medium tomatoes, wedged (I use Romas)
•pepper to taste

Spring Fever in Amazing Photos

World’s largest earthquake damper

This 728 tons steel pendulum is installed in one of the world’s tallest buildings, the taipei 101 in Taiwan. It helps stabilize the building in case of strong winds and earthquakes, through simple mechanics, when the building moves in a direction it swings in the opposite direction reducing movement by 40%. You can understand how it works by looking at the small GIF image.

Diya Mirza Shoaib Akhtar

Amazing Fire Trick!

The World's Tallest Buildings

Heather Graham Photo Shoot

Amanda Seyfried at the 9th Annual Tribeca Film Festival

Cutest Pics Of Genelia D'Souza

Gorgeous Vishaka Singh Photoshoot

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