Thursday, May 13, 2010

Google Logos In Different Countries

Everybody who logs onto the internet has used Google before. In fact, you might have even reached this post from a Google search result. What you might not know is, Google shows different logos for holidays and events in different countries. Here are some of the most popular ones selected.

Azalea Flowers - Colorful Beauty of Spring

Azalea plant is actually a shrub which gives beautiful and intensive flowers. It is known by its amazingly beautiful and colorful flowers. They grow in mountainous places and they bloom in spring. Sadly their beautiful flowers last for only a few weeks.

Weedrobes Dresses - The Eco-Wearable Fashion

Weedrobes is the collection of eco-wearable dresses of designer Nicole Dextras is made of live plants, including flowers, leaves and even thorns. These Nicole Dextra's creations are true environmental works of art that could actually be a part of a fancy fashion show.

Kung-Fu Barber - Chinese Hair-Stylist

In order to attract more customers, a Chinese hair-stylist, trained in the art of kung-fu, cuts hair, while standing upside down, on his head. 36-year-old Wang Xiaoyu first attracted media attention,in May of last year, when local papers reported a man cutting his customer's hair, while doing a headstand.

A Girl with No Arms Goes for Taekwondo Black Belt

Meet Sheila Radziewicz, she was born without arms and kneecaps. Doctors weren’t sure that she could survive but they were certain that she could never walk. Not only she can walk, she’s also about to get her black belt in taekwondo. Of course, it got 32-year-old Sheila a lot of courage and determination to achieve all this.But she has a normal and successful life.She left home when she was 19-years-old and got her driver’s licence 4 years later and since drives a special-built car with her feet. She works and of course, after having discovered taekwondo 3 years ago, she thoroughly follows her trainings.Hats off and a big respect to this courageous woman. I am really glad for her. She shows that not only we can live while being disabled but also go for our dreams and achieve them.

Hyden Wave Rock – The Pre-Historic Surf

Wave Rock is part of the northern face of Hyden Rock and this amazing nature sculpture is located at Perth, Australia. The shape of the wave is formed by gradual erosion of the softer rock beneath the upper edge, over many centuries. Wave Rock has cultural significance to Aborigines. More than 140,000 tourists visit wave rock every year.

See The Planet Like Never Before

Top 10 - Animals in Sport Events

The Most Relaxing Video and Music Ever!

Imagine sitting underneath a tree on a slightly breezy day, imagine a metal box with a heavy lid just a few steps away from you. walk over to the metal box, open the lid and think of something that is troubling you, then put it in the box, thing of another and another, as many as you have, one by one, place them all in the box, look down into the box and see them all there, then close the heavy lid, fasten the unbreakable lock on its catch then walk back to the tree and sit down with your back to the tree, now, all your worries have been placed into the metal box, it is locked and the lock cannot be broken. Put your attention onto your breathing and count to 4 on the inbreath, count to 8 on the outbreath, continue doing this and close your eyes. This is your time, there is nowhere else you have to be, and nothing else you have to do, I hope you enjoy So Beautiful.

Kajal Agarwal Stills From Latest Movie

Kajal Agarwal is a famous South Indian Actress. Her latest film was a Telugu Movie 'Darling'. Take a look at the stills of Kajal Agarwal from Darling Movie.

Jennifer Aniston looking pretty

Brooke Hogan Goes to Get a New Haircut

Shriya Saran and Brinda Parekh at a Premiere show

Actress Shriya Saran and Brinda Parekh recently graced the 'Its Wonderful Afterlife' Premiere.

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